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This article is part of my Career Guide series. To get the most out of this article I highly suggest first read the previous article about, How to Crack an IT Interview. So I am going to talk about how to grow as a software engineer


I wrote two articles about career guide where first I talk about How to Get an IT Job as a Fresh Graduate and then in the second article I wrote about How to Crack an IT Interview and now in this article I am quite sure that you got a job and now you want to know that how can I grow. So I am going to talk about how to grow as a software engineer. I saw a lot of people spending years and years working in the same position. They are stuck there, but I don’t want you to be from one of those.

In this complete article, I will give 10 tips on how to grow as a software engineer that if you follow I will guarantee you that you will grow rapidly. So let’s start.

On a side note, I also make a video about this topic on YouTube click here to watch the video. (if you understand Urdu or Hindi).

1- Ask for Help If You Stuck Anywhere

When you join as a fresh grad to any big corporation. It may happen that you stuck anywhere while your working. Let suppose any task is given to you but you feel difficulty while performing the task. Then never frustrate and go ahead to ask your senior for help. This is not your fault, this is something which happens with even senior developers as well. So don’t hesitate to ask someone in case you stuck.

2- Never Stop Learning

One of the biggest show stoppers in the growth is the lack of interest in learning new stuff. developers say that’s OK I learn C# and I got a job now it’s done. I don’t have to do anything. I am just OK with what I have. This is called going into a safe zone. But I want to warn you that never stop learning. Because when you stop learning then your growth will be automatically stopped. So just keep on learning new stuff to compete in the job market.

3- Take Challenging Tasks

Most of the time it is observed that developers run away from the challenging tasks. They want to stay in their comfort zone. They don’t want to take risks. But if you take challenging tasks this thing will boost your confidence, credibility, and eventually, it helps you to grow. So remember this again don’t feel hesitant about doing challenging tasks. If you stuck while performing that remember my first point seek for help from your seniors.

4- Be Initiator

When you work in any existing system, you might see any flaw or any weakness in the system or any in-process or you might find any good way of doing anything which was done previously with any old methodology. Here you have two option one is to leave your idea behind and move forward saying I cannot do anything, no one hears my voice and second you take initiative and tells your seniors that hay buddies I find out a good way of doing this xyz thing and tell them your idea. If they find your idea worth-full they are always ready to change. So forget the fear and just take the initiative this mindset will also help you to grow in your career.

5- Get to Know About Different Technologies

Let suppose I am a web developer it doesn’t mean that I only know about web development. I am not saying that focus on too many things. I encourage you to get expertise in one skill, but it doesn’t mean that if someone asks about anything outside your scope then you become blank. Let say if know c# and you ask about C++ and you say no way. This is not acceptable behavior. Let me emphasize a bit more. Assume your boss came to you and tell you about a task which is a bit different than the stack on which you were working. Now here if you know even a little bit about that thing you can raise your hand and say that, Sir I know a little bit about this but give me some time and will get back to you with the proper solution. In this way, you gain more trust of your boss and eventually grow.

6- Never Give Up

The very common phrase. When you got a task which is quite difficult and you feel that you stuck. So here you might think of giving up. But let me clear this point that if you give up one time this thing will be added into your nature and you lose the confidence of doing anything. It is normal that the first time if you get a task you feel difficulty because you never did this type of thing before but I recommend spend your time on that task and never get the frustration. If you feel that you need little help you can google it or may contact your senior colleague for help. But let me give you a simple statement that once you spend your time investigating and analyzing the problem you would be able to get the solution and once you implement that solution this thing will maximize your confidence level. So again remember never give up.

7- Respect Your Seniors

Let me give you the bottom line here. Respect your seniors and in return get respect from your juniors. As your seniors help you, it is your responsibility to help your juniors. Always be humble. Don’t feel that you know more then you are superior.

8- Be a Team Player

In a large corporation, you see that they work in teams. They restrict you to work on the team. So be a good team player. Your communication skills should be at the next level. If you have any type of conflict with any team members then instead of back bullying, talk to that person directly and resolve the issues with dialogues. So this is my 8th recommendation for you to be a team player.

9- Learn for Your Juniors and Seniors

Learn the traits of your seniors and learn from the mistakes of your juniors. Your seniors who grow and your juniors who are stuck on their positions are the opportunities for you to learn. Don’t be jealous of your seniors. You can also reach that point, but before that, you can observe them closely and see there traits and habits and try to mimic them.

10- Project Your Self

Let say you joined as a junior developer. So assume today that where you see your self after 1 year, where you see your self after 2, or 3 or 5 years. Make your goals and objectives. Convert your goals into two categories. Short term goals and long term goals and always try to achieve your goals. Don’t be a person who has no dreams and goals and happy with what he/she has. Be optimistic.


The bottom line is to keep learning, keep taking challenging tasks. Always look into the future and project your self that where you see your self after 2, 3, 5, or 10 years. Don’t be static be dynamic. Be humble, respect your juniors and seniors. So these are some tips about how to grow as a software engineer and this is pretty much it that I want to say. Keep doing good work and keep growing.

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