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Getting a job when you have no prior development experience is very hectic task and some time a person end up with only frustration and depression. So my goal of this post is help you guys in some or other way for getting an IT job. Also at the end I will give you a bonus tip that will help you further more to get hired quickly.

On a side note, I also make a video about this topic on YouTube click here to watch the video. (if you understand Urdu or Hindi).

Always remember

Don’t rely on university. Don’t think that university degree will help you to get an IT job. Degree is useful piece of paper that you need but not enough.

Preparation for an IT Job

The first step to get any type of job is preparation. So for an IT job route is also same. But question arise how to prepare for an IT job? To give you better understanding. I am taking C# .NET developer job as a reference point. I am assuming that you are a student of IT or a fresh graduate. For preparation you have to focus on two major things. It does’t matter which programming language you will choose or on which platform you will go. These two things remain same.

Two Major Focus Points

  1. Focus on programming concepts mean don’t worry about different types of programming languages. Just focus on learning the core concepts which apply on any type of language. Concepts like arrays, loops, functions, conditional blocks etc. You can implement these concepts any language. Maybe Python or C++. It does’t matter.
  2. Second thing that you should focus is OOP mean object oriented programming. Concepts like classes, objects, polymorphism, inheritance and abstraction etc. You have to master in these core concepts before proceeding further.

Choosing a Programming Language

Ok! so this is very tricky part which confuse most of the newbie. They are too much worry about choosing a programming language and some time this lead toward a biasedness toward one programming language and think that my programming language is the best and all other are just use less. This type of mindset is not acceptable. For sure you can show your love for your programming language but don’t think that other languages are just worthless.

So my suggestion is to not focus on programming language but focus on platform on which you want to work. Let say you wanna be a AI expert then python should be your first choice and ignore other. If you want to build an IOS app then Swift and C# will be your best friends. So this thing show that language is just a tool and main thing is platform. You have to choose your tools based on type of platform you want to work. You cannot use c# for AI. Defiantly you can but the experience you get from python, C# can never give you that experience. So always focus on platform and then based on platform choose your tooling.

How to Learn programming language

Now you choose your platform and then based on your platform you use your programming language. I am assuming you choose web as a platform and C# as your web language. Now there is multiple ways to learn any technology or programming language, you can learn from books, from online articles, from videos or paid courses, but one thing that you should always remember is not trapping into tutorial purgatory, where one person keep watching videos and think that one day he wake up and some magic happen he become a developer. But this does not work like that. By only watch videos are reading articles are not enough to get hired. Know question arise that what is the best route to learn a language?


Yes my friend practice is the only way to learn programming language. Whatever concept you learn just open your favorite text editor and start writing the code on your own. I am not saying to build a fancy projects. I am just saying try to write code. Maybe you are printing hello world five time on screen or based on user input filtering and selecting some data. But point is you have to practice. When you able to write basic code on your own then try to build some projects. Some very small projects these projects will help you a lot to get a job. Now you are practicing but your question is still how can I get a job because when I see a job post they are asking for 2 or 3 year of work experience which I don’t have so what can I do?

Work Experience for a Fresh Graduate

You know your question is valid about experience. Let me answer. The thing that I mention above which is practicing and making projects will help you here. You have to do one thing. What ever project you done, just create a github profile and put your all code and projects to your github profile. This way your portfolio create and basically these projects are the real work experience for a fresh graduate. So just add your github link into your resume and send to recruiter. Now you learn the language and you build some projects and create a github profile and send your resume to recruiter.

What’s next?

When you send your resume there will be two outputs. One you get a call for interview or you get rejection. If you get a call for an interview then question will be how to give interview and my brother/sister this is a vast topic and I will write a dedicated article on this topic but the key points are be confidence and prepare interview questions from google and try to answer most of the questions. Dress well and just try to give your 100%, but what if you get rejection. Don’t worry don’t blame yourself. This is not the end of life or this is not the last interview in your life. Just keep improving your skills. Ok So I was talking about bonus tip in the start lets discuss.

Bonus Tip

Create your friends in the industry and simple and easy way is create LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a platform for professional. You can create friends on LinkedIn and ask your friend which is already in the industry to help him in recruitment process. Believe me the most difficult task in IT is to get your first job and most of the people are even not get a call for interview even they have require skill. So when your friend which is already in the industry refer you then it become easy to get in and once you get your first job and it is not difficult to survive. So main point here is to make friends.


So I cannot conclude this top because there is lot of things to discuss, which I will discuss in next articles like how to crack interview? how to grow in your career etc. Just bear with me I’ll cover those topics soon. But if you are from future then there might be already articles are written on these topics that you can search on this website by put the topic name in the search bar.

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