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This article is the part of my Career Guide series. To get most out of this article I highly suggest to first watch the previous article about, How to Get an IT Job as a Fresh Graduate


Interview is the most important step in the path of getting a job. Interview is the place where you prove your self and its depend on you how you present your self. So in this talk I will help you how you can present your self and how you prepare for interview.

On a side note, I also make a video about this topic on YouTube click here to watch the video. (if you understand Urdu or Hindi).

Fear of Rejection

One thing which is most important that I want to address is the fear of rejection. Most people not even go to interview because they think that they are not perfect fit for the job. This type of mindset is very dangerous. When you see the job ad and you see that they require two year plus experience and they want people who know multiple programming languages and have xyz skills and when you see this type of ad you think that I don’t know every thing so its mean I will not be selected. I suggest you that even you know a 30 to 40 percent of the things that are mention in the job ad you should apply and if you got the chance of interview, its your luck just go head for the interview and on interview if they fell that you are logical then they are ready to train you the remaining part that is missing in the training of two to three weeks.

IT Interview Questions

Your preparation of the interview questions is very important because IT round is most important for you to crack. But the good thing is in the most of IT companies questions are almost same. So be prepare for the questions. Some important topics that are discussed in interviews are:-

  1. Programming Language
  2. Object Orient Programming
  3. Databases
  4. Problem Solving Skills

So it is good to focus on all these topics individually. Here one thing that I want to emphasize more is your problem solving skill. This one skills I think is more important for you not even in interview but also in your day to day programming career. So work on this skill and be better.

Soft Skills

Else your soft skills are also have an impact on your interview. Soft skills like:-

  1. Body language
  2. Confidence
  3. Your way of communication
  4. Dressing sense

So it is important that yo also focus on these soft skills.


Interview is the most important step in your journey of getting a job. Be confidence and give your 100% then for sure you will get the job. But even if you don’t succeed then never feel depressed, this is not the end of life and this is not your last interview. Try to evaluate your mistakes and try to learn from your mistakes.

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