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How to Crack an IT Interview – SharpScripter

This article is the part of my Career Guide series. To get most out of this article I highly suggest to first watch the previous article about, How to Get an IT Job as a Fresh Graduate Introduction Interview is the most important step in the path of getting a job. Interview is the place […]

How to Get an IT Job as a Fresh Graduate – SharpScripter

Introduction Getting a job when you have no prior development experience is very hectic task and some time a person end up with only frustration and depression. So my goal of this post is help you guys in some or other way for getting an IT job. Also at the end I will give you […]

What is SignalR? & How it Works – SharpScripter

Introduction Let’s talk about a real time web application platform SignalR. But hold on what does it mean by real time and more specifically what is web application and how it work? These are two concepts that are very important to understand before understanding SignalR. Let’s discuss one by one. On a side note, I […]

Client Side Blazor VS Server Side Blazor – SharpScripter

Introduction So finally blazor webassebmly is lunched by microsoft on 19th May 2020. This is a fully-featured and supported release of Blazor WebAssembly that is ready for production use. Full stack web development with .NET is now here! So this video is all about Client Side Blazor vs Server Side Blazor. I also talk about […]