Journey To Become a Successful Software Engineer

My passion is helping new programmers by making their journeys of becoming successful software engineers more easy and fun.

Training Sessions

We provide project based learning experience, Where you can learn by building projects. Our trainings include C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API + Angular.

Free Videos

You can find best quality free programming and software engineering related content at "SharpScripter" Youtube channel.


If you are an IT student and confused between the scope of different programming languages, tons of frameworks and different career paths. Don't worry. We provide best career consultancy.

About Us

About Me

Hi, I am Nouman, I am a software engineer working in IT industry from last couple of years. I love to write and teach code. I usually make content on “SharpScripter” Youtube channel about programming and software engineer. is a place where you can find weekly new blogs about programming and IT. So that you can stay up to date with the all new changes happening around the industry.

Sharpscripter is the best place for IT students, beginner programmers, and even for professional. I usually make content about day to day problems, and issues of software engineers, motivational videso for programmers, Career guide and indepth coding tutorials. To stay upto dated visit sharpscripter on youtube.